Seryrah Kerrigan- Fallen Land, My New Favorite Game

Seryrah Kerrigan- Fallen Land, My New Favorite Game

May 29 Sean Howard  

Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game

Going into the purchase of Fallen Land was a difficult choice, on the surface the game looks rather cheap for the steep price tag, but good post apocalyptic games IMHO are few and far between.

We had a little extra money and decided to take a chance on this game, and it payed off.
Immediately upon unboxing the game, we were both happy about the quality of the components, we had a few issues with some of the chips tearing when punching them out, but a little care and some glue prevented this from being an issue, the game comes in a deceptively small box, the weight of the box alone on arrival helped justify the purchase.  The player boards are great, each faction is unique with a good backstory on the back, they’re a little thin but that makes storage a lot easier considering that there are 10 factions.  The game comes with over 400 cards, and each one appears to be unique with a few over laps ( many weapons and armors are similar in function but unique in design) this leads to a lot of randomization between games, you never know what people you’re going to have or what equipment they can utilize…

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