Fallen Land has a terrific community of players, many of which feel impassioned enough to create their own fan expansions and fan content. Below you will find a listing of some of our favorite fan created content. Please enjoy and join the wealth of enjoyment in our community.

Fallen Land FCC Legacy (50 MB)

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By Nicolas and Kris Sexton, Fallen Dominion Studios Community managers

In this exciting expansion, players continue to take on the post-apocalyptic survival fun that is in the base game with the added excitement of a legacy situation that forces players to consider their long term decisions. This is fan created content by Nicolas and Kris Sexton, the community managers for Fallen Land Community Hub.

Free Fallen Lands Companion App
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Apps By Ed Farias

An app has been developed by Ed Farias to support the Fallen Land Tabletop game. Now, players can use the app to help keep track of components, scores, and other economy as players play Fallen Land.

More community content to be added later.