Meet Me at the Table Plays Through Fallen Land

Meet Me at the Table Plays Through Fallen Land

May 26 Sean Howard  

We are starting our adventure in Fallen Land a Post Apocalyptic Board Game from Fallen Dominion. In this video will be doing and intro and setup. Where we will meet out party, and understand what we need to do to win Fallen Land. I am super excited to bring this game to each and everyone of you. I hope you enjoy. Please leave any comments or suggestions below, or email me at

Here is Fallen Dominion’s website to gain more information on this game and others they have released.


Here is a link on bgg for fallen land if you enjoyed this game please rate it and check the files section for a complete up to date rule book! Thanks…

Please turn on Klingon subtitles for any post launch errors. Thanks

all music by Action Versus Action.

Meet me at the table where we will start our fight in the Fallen Land