Interview for Kickstarter Radio102.4 Most Anticipated Kickstarter 2020

Nov 03  admin  

Jon Lonngren Discusses The Upcoming NEW Kickstarter for fallen Dominion Studios, coming November 10th-December 3rd 2020. Click the link below to listen to the full interview on YouTube:    

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EPX CON University of Iowa

Oct 04  admin  

Composer Jack Wall and Oscar-nominated animator Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams head to Iowa City for EPXCon

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Fallen Dominion Studios Returns to Kickstarter November 2020!

Sep 29  admin  

November 10th-3rd, we will be returning to Kickstarter with Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board game 2nd Edition AND Fallen Land Descendants! In addition, our second game title, The Great Northern Trading Company 1670, is being play tested as we speak […]

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Announcing Fallen Land: Descendants Expansion

Mar 14  admin  

Coming To Kickstarter Jan 12-Feb 5! The Emergence saw the few remaining bastions of humanity rise up as beacons of hope for the future.  These remaining survivors solidified their small pockets of civilization and clawed for a foothold to stave […]

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Sean Howard joins Fallen Dominion Studios

Nov 19  admin  

Sean Howard from Gamers Remorse (Reviews) and Good Knight Games joins Fallen Dominion Studios. Sean takes on the role of webmaster, 3d modeler, manufacturing, and design support. With 10 years of experience running Good Knight Games, nine published game designs to […]

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Fallen Land is a Hit! Rob Oren Reviews

Jun 17  admin  

We are truly humbled by the amazing review of Fallen Land: A Post- Apocalyptic Board Game, by one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Robert Oren. All I can say is “Wow.” We’re speechless. Thank you!

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Fallen Land Overview with Dice Odyssey

Mar 04  admin  

Kas and Bryan give their take on Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game. There’s also a general rules overview to get players somewhat up to speed and going. Does this game live up to all the hype? Is this the […]

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Official Fallen Dominion Studio Press Kit 2017

Jan 23  admin  

The Fallen Dominion Studio Press Kit has been made available for download to press and gamers alike. The expectation is that the press kit can be used by game reviewers as well as bloggers so they can talk about the […]

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Rob Oren Reviews Fallen Land (and loves it)

Rob Oren takes a look at Fallen Land and he has some great things to say (Spoilers!).    

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Two Gun Pixie and D20 Warrior Review Fallen Land

May 04  admin  

FIRST IMPRESSIONS TIME… 2GP’s BIG Johnny G! and Twenty-Sided Warrior Ryan sit down and tell you their first thoughts after their first game of Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game.

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