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Coming Soon To Kickstarter! Fallen Land: Descendants

Coming Soon To Kickstarter!

The Emergence saw the few remaining bastions of humanity rise up as beacons of hope for the future.  These remaining survivors solidified their small pockets of civilization and clawed for a foothold to stave off the chaos and death of the wastes.  Each faction precariously balanced the struggle for survival with the race for primacy. The council brought peace to the chaos, but this peace stagnated into complacency, bringing with it new threats and bloodshed.  Now a new generation of factions has joined the fray, splintering the old identities and boundaries within the Ten Towns and bringing new possibilities and new alliances.

In Fallen Land: Descendants, ten new alternate Factions join the fight for supremacy over the wastes. The challenges of leadership, management, and survival are expanded for each town with the inclusion of the new Town Events Deck.  The chip storage trays and the deck storage box organize the game’s components during play and greatly reduce setup time. A new Town Technology allows you to build a Resource within your town. New chips, cards, and game play variants add further immersion and depth to your Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game experience!



What’s Currently Included In This 3rd Expansion

  • 14″ Card Storage Box
  • 3 Plastic Chip Trays With Lids
  • 8 Cardboard Deck Dividers
  • 10 Alternate Faction Town Play Mats
  • 40 Town Events Deck cards
  • 2 Character cards
  • 2 Spoils cards
  • 2 Action cards
  • 9 Encounter cards
  • 2 Mission cards
  • 6 Order Of Play cards
  • 5 Bio Dome Town Technology Chips
  • 10 New 20 Piece Salvage Coin Chips
  • 25 Double Sided Linked/Eye Item Chips
  • Solo Variant III Rule Sheet
  • Campaign Variant I Rule Sheet

Note: This list will change as Kickstarter Unlocks Stretch Goals