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Frequently Asked Questions About

Fallen Land:

A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game

What is the game about?

Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game is massive thematic game for 2-5 players. It combines the elements of a strategy board game, with card building and light role-playing. Driven by macabre stories of a world gone mad, it features adventure, politics, economics and diplomacy to deliver unlimited sandbox style game play. Each time it is played, the variables change, so the experience is always unique: the cards, the stories, strategies and threats. Although the game has a strong pulp influence, its roots stem from Cold War studies.

We have expanded upon this to arrive at our game’s premise: What would happen after a nuclear and biological apocalypse? Our answer is Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game. As a player, you are the leader of a unique faction of survivors competing for primacy in the ruinous aftermath of post-apocalyptic America. You must direct your party of characters to explore the rugged landscape, establish your territory and solidify your agenda. You must also manage and enhance your town, protect your citizens and secure resources. Players will have to make and break treaties to endure, amidst a myriad of bribery, betrayal and hubris by the other players. But that is just where the adventure begins!

A Journey Into Darkness is the first expansion for Fallen Land. It includes rules for two solo variants of the game, the rules for adding a sixth player to create an “Epic Game,” and an optional and advanced rules section for the 2-6 player games. It also increases the cards of the core set by twenty percent. Both products are getting rave reviews and a great reception from the board gaming community. Both rulebooks are available in PDF format for viewing and download, at

Where is the game available?

Our two products Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game and its first expansion, A Journey Into Darkness are both available at the Fallen Dominion Studios website, and (with Prime shipping) In addition, friendly local game stores (FLGS), for example, The Hobby Corner in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids will be carrying the products. We are in the process of negotiating nationwide and overseas sales and distribution in over 30 countries.

Who are the creators?

Jon E. Lonngren grew up in University Heights, in Iowa City. His many roles at Fallen Dominion Studios include Chief Executive Officer, game creator, pulp writer, technical writer and publisher. Jon currently holds three degrees and is poised to embark on a journey to acquire a fourth, in early 2018. In addition to his 40 plus hour work weeks at studio, Jon also works at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, in the SNICU.

As an alumnus of the University of Iowa, he graduated in Political Science and International Relations. His primary focus was Cold War Studies and the former Soviet Republics. Jon has also attended several other universities, including George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia and The

Kazakh Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research. Jon and his wife Wendy reside in Iowa City, with their sons Chase and Donovan, and their two incorrigible dachshunds, Albert and Beverly. In his spare time, Jon enjoys playing tabletop games and cooking gourmet food for his family and friends.

Sean P. Cahill is also a native of Iowa who grew up in Iowa City. He is a United States Army veteran. His many roles at Fallen Dominion Studios include Chief Operations Officer, game creator, graphics designer, tech wizard and publisher. In addition to his 40 plus hours a week at the studio, Sean has worked for the Iowa City Community School District and Durham School Services for more than twenty years. Sean, his wife Tara and their three children Nicholas, Amber and Calista, along with their “zootastic” array of pets reside in Iowa City. In his spare time, Sean is an avid golfer and enjoys playing every type of tabletop and computer game he can get his hands on.

The rest of the crew at Fallen Dominion Studios are also native Iowans and include: Editor in Chief and Chief Information Officer Bill Pitcher, Art Director Warren Ripley, Lead Playtester Patrick Phillips, and Mechanics analyst Justin “Bonz” Jones. Major art contributors include Carter Allen and Joe Lower, who helped bring the world to life, in addition many others like Sean Eike and Scott Warren. In addition, many other native Iowans helped out Fallen Dominion Studios in varying capacities, such as Alison Werner-Smith, of Hayek, Brown, Smith and Bergus, PLC and Paul Waterman, of Cronk and Waterman, PLC. Photography is done exclusively by Kent Anderson and Eyes In a Moment Photography, while videos for the studio are shot by Justin Brown. Kenneth Hicks helped us overhaul our latest website and Sheila Stauffer, Cassandra Reardon and Philip S. Bolger deserve special thanks.

Brief history of Fallen Dominion Studios

The creation of Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game has been a real rollercoaster ride for everyone involved. From start to finish, this journey has taken almost thirteen years (2005-2017). The projects humble inception was in the sweltering heat of a garage in Coralville, Iowa. Sean and I quickly relocated to a better work space, and during the first few years, the creation process ebbed and flowed for our creative sessions and philosophical debates. Sean began to lay out the design templates and I began to write. And write. A few years into the project, we realized we needed a team to help us actualize our vision for the game. Warren Ripley was the first to join us in 2007. He brought to the table his phenomenal artwork, graphic design skills and proof reading. The game’s innumerable pieces of artwork have all crossed his desk, most on more than one occasion, and he put his final touches on all them.

Beau Fairchild joined us next, a longtime friend and early prototype Editor (2008-2011). Around the same time in 2008, Patrick “Tall-Pat” Phillips also hit the scene. Pat quickly earned his role as our Lead Playtester, through his enthusiasm, meta-gaming, proofreading and error spotting. Pat also helped us iron out the kinks and initially helped organize playtest sessions. “A CARD LAID IS A CARD PLAYED!”

The brilliant artwork of Carter Allen and Joe Lower, were important catalysts in helping us to bring our world of Fallen Land to life. The sheer volume of their art for the game is staggering. And until his sudden and tragic death in 2012, Erik Lemke’s role as our second Editor-In-Chief (2011-2012) lent us his brilliant insight, remarkable editing and professionalism to the studio.

As an avid play tester back in 2007, Justin “Bonz” Jones re-joined us in 2013 to become our Mechanics Analyst, helping us review and critique our gaming system and trim the decks. The final addition to the Fallen Lands crew was in 2016, when Bill Pitcher became our third Editor-In-Chief and played a crucial

role from that point forward. His tireless editing, playtesting and techie prowess, combined with his unbiased opinions, helped shape the game’s final format. Other important figures include Alison Werner-Smith, Paul Waterman, Kent Anderson, Justin Brown and Shannon Stauffer. Of course, there were many others who helped and encouraged us along the way during this long process.

To everyone who believed in us, contributed to the project and supported the game, thank you! Especially those who stuck with us through the project’s mercurial patches. Most importantly, we want to thank our wonderful wives Wendy and Tara, who were very patient with us throughout this process. Both them and our families offered us encouragement and moral support, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Looking back, it was everyone’s combined efforts that made this possible. Now, almost thirteen years and countless hours later, we are pleased to present to you Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game and its first expansion, A Journey Into Darkness.