Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, Fallen Land is a thematic game for 2-5 players.  It combines the elements of a strategy board game, with card building and role-playing.  It is driven by macabre stories of a world gone mad and features adventure, politics and economics to deliver unlimited sandbox style game play.  Each game the variables change: the cards, player interactions, stories, strategies and threats.  The game has a strong pulp influence and its roots stem from Cold War studies.
 We have expanded upon this to arrive at our game’s premise: What would happen after a nuclear and biological apocalypse?  Our answer is Fallen Land.  As a player, you are the leader of a unique faction of survivors competing for primacy in the ruinous aftermath of post-apocalyptic America.  You must direct your party of characters to explore the rugged landscape, establish your territory and solidify your agenda.  You must also manage and enhance your town, protect your citizens and secure resources.  Players will have to make and break treaties to endure, amidst a myriad of bribery, betrayal and hubris by the other players.  But that is just where the adventure begins! 

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Here's What People Are Saying...

"I got the chance to play Fallen Lands last night, and boy, did it blow me away. The variety of game play elements gave me the chance to conquer the wastelands with my own style through customizing my party and including some light role-playing opportunities. Though I got thoroughly stomped, I had more fun with this FL than I have with most games sitting on my shelf. 10/10! Will play again!" ~Rex Connor 

"These people have poured their heart and soul into making a uniquely awesome experience here." ~Jesse Reese

"Got a chance to play this game tonight and it was a great experience. Game play was very smooth, a good combination of cards and dice infused with player interaction. Graphics and story line clearly show the time invested by these innovative game designers. Look forward to supporting this company with their Kickstarter campaign and to see them take off after the upcoming convention." ~Tom Lin

"Fun! Two ways to win! Tons of 'Easter Egg' humor and plenty of room for table talk wheeling and dealing. I want to play again!" ~Kimberly Burke

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