Fallen Land
The Post-Apocalyptic Board Game
*Full Game Credits, 2005-2017*

Jon Lonngren
Game Designer and Executive Producer (2005-2017):  Concept, development, rules and strategy. Writer and project manager. Coordination, analysis, secondary editing and proofs and web design. Secondary graphics design and concept sketches.

Sean Cahill
Game Designer and Executive Producer (2005-2017):  Concept, development, rules and strategy. Lead graphics design, card templates and layout. Secondary editing and proofs, web site design, FAQs and IT solutions.

Warren Ripley
Art Director and Lead Artist (2007-2017):  Pencils, inks, colors, proofs, graphic design and art layout. Box and Rule Book art. Character, Spoils, Action Card and symbols artwork. Final map, 3D modeling and proof reading.

Patrick "Tall Pat" Phillips
Lead Play-Tester (2008-2017):  Rules and concept analysis, tertiary development and proof reading.

Justin "Bonz" Jones
Mechanics Analyst (2012-2017): Analysis, proof reading and final cuts.

Bill "One Man Army" Pitcher
Editor (2016-2017):  Final analysis, play testing and proof reading.

Erik Lemke
Editor (2011-2012):  Nothing is as tragic as the loss of a young life.  You were an inspiration to us all.  Thank you Erik, you were a true professional, a driven editor and a brilliant poet.  You are missed, but not forgotten.

Beau Fairchild
Prototype Editor (2008-2011):  Thank you.

Featured Artists:

Carter AllenAction Cards, Spoils Cards and Rule Compendium artwork. Pencils and inks.

Joe Lower:  Fallen Dominion Studios company logo and Action Card artwork.

Cassie Reardon:  Technical designs, chip production and tertiary graphics design.

Sean Eike:  Town Play Mats artwork and Salvage Coins pictures.

Scott Warren: Action Card artwork, pencils and inks.

John Van Cleave: Action Card artwork.

Wes Reese:  Concept sketches. Pencils and inks.

David Rich:  Concept artwork, colors.

Javier Silva:  Concept artwork, colors.

A Special Thanks:
Alison Werner-Smith of Hayek, Mooreland, Smith and Bergus, LLP and Paul Waterman of Cronk and Waterman, PLC and Bill Pitcher.  Joe Lower Design, Justin Brown, The Candlelight Press, Ray and his crew. Also, Shannon Stauffer, Alex Hachtman, Fro, Philips S. Bolger, Kenneth Hicks, J.P. Fairchild, Haldane Morris, Brett Schreiner, Chadron Stalkfleet and "Lurch" Aaron Alter and all of our Kickstarter Backers.

Play Test Crew:
Patrick "Tall Pat" Phillips, Bill Pitcher, Jesse Reese, Justin "Bonz" Jones, Beau Fairchild, "Lurch" Aaron Alter, Jason "Bear" Boyd, Kenneth "Robo" Hicks, Sara Hicks, Aaron Green, Jonathan Paul Fairchild, Erik Streff, Ben Allen, Paul Harper-Shirk and Jeffery Harper-Shirk, Lucas "Owlbear" Monx, Eric Miller, Wendy Lonngren, Scott Warren, Mathew Topol, Scott Finlayson, Brett Schreiner, Matt Brenton, Kelsey Steffen, Jenika Shannon, Kimberly Burke, Nicklas Cahill, Paul Waterman, Will Rosenstangle, Jenika Shannon, Bob Bogs, Tim Williams, Joan Williams, Kirk Reissen, Daniel Young, Craig Wright, Tom Woolums, Josh Woolums, Elizabeth Sease, Chadron Stalkfleet, Luke Engleheart, Jon Maakestaad, Justin Brown, Geoffry Giarmo, Lauren Giarmo, Jeff Dolan, John Malsom, Sid Blommers, Billie Wilson, Shawn Michael White, Marius Meyer, Cody Holzhauser, Dan Akers, John Glispie, Laurens Van Beek, Tom Lin, Jo Andreasson and Patrick Johanns.

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