Our History

  In 2005, my long time friend Sean Cahill and I began designing Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game.  Our intent was to design a hybrid game that combined the elements of a strategy board game, card game, and role-playing game.  Our vision was to make it an epic event, a story driven board game that featured unlimited playability and sandbox-style game play.  Each player would be the leader of a unique Faction of survivors and would have to manage both their town and their agents in the field, a party of characters.  The game was designed to force players to interact to survive, using bribery, diplomacy and backstabbing, as they jockeyed for supremacy over the Fallen Lands.

​Copyright Â©Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC  2005-2017 - All Rights Reserved.

Sean Cahill:
Creator of Fallen Land and owner of Fallen Dominion Studios.  Lead graphics design, 
chief analyst and tech guru, since 2005.
Bill Pitcher:
Editor-in-Chief, analyst and final cuts, since 2016.

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Justin "Bonz" Jones:
Game mechanics analyst, second lead play tester, and proof reader, since 2012.

Our Mission

   Fallen Dominion Studios strives to create exceptional board games.  Games people will want to play over and over again.  We take great pride in meticulously crafting every aspect of our games, from their eye-popping artwork to their pulp storytelling, innovative designs and multi-level strategy content.  Since 2005, we have been burning the midnight oil to create and produce Fallen Land, A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game.  Slotted as the first of several upcoming releases for our studio, it is over thirteen years in the making.

  In the future, our gaming system and our upcoming titles will span across a multitude of different genres.  They too will feature interchangeable aspects and unlimited playability.  Combining aspects from multiple games will allow players to customize their gaming experience to best fit their interests and play styles. 

  For now however, we simply hope you have the opportunity to play Fallen Land.  Adventure and intrigue await!  We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.   

Jon Lonngren

Warren Ripley:
Art director and lead artist.  Finalized all art, created box art, character art and proof reading.  Also video editing and 3D modeling, since 2007.
Jon Lonngren:
Creator of Fallen Land and owner of Fallen Dominion Studios.  Project manager, writer and tertiary graphics design, since 2005.

Credits 2005-2017 

  Fallen Land: A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game is dedicated to our families.  We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for their patience, help and encouragement.  It is also dedicated to the many people who helped us on this journey and to players that love complex thinking games.    Without everyone's contributions (both big and small), this behemoth game wouldn't have been possible.    

Patrick Phillips:
Lead play tester, game system analyst,  public relations and proof reader, since 2008.